Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Trumpeter
By: Christian Celentano
The beats of the drums shake the ground
The singer sings and the saxes sound
The bass the foundation for the blues of the heart
A man's own expression within his musical part

This band of the heart is quite a sight
With the whole spectrum of colors from black to white
Just a band full of people who want to exist
Led by the conductor with his directing fist

But a man in the back is the main event
People look past his skin and see his intent
He plays with such confidence no fear in his eyes
The blues he plays are as clear as the sky

The vibrations of the bass runs through his bones
The beat of the drums timed with his tones
The trumpeter at this time is no longer black
He's a man with a horn that never looks back

He looks so intense yet sounds lighter than air
He plays so strong yet harmless as a hare
His tones so beautiful in the way they rhyme
The harmony so deep it at points stops time

Yet a man with a horn is all he is
He Lives with his wife and two cute little kids
But his two little kids don’t know their dad with a horn
Lives in a world that's broken and torn

I remember that day could never forget
When his solo began he took off like a jet
The trumpeter played with no fear in his eye
But he didn't know after his show he would die

After it ended I went around the stage
Into the alley where the bricks showed their age
I saw four men with sticks and with bats
All wearing overcoats and small rimmed hats

I peaked around the corner to observe the scene
These men looked unhappy and most certainly mean
I prayed that the trumpeter wouldn’t arrive
And I thought of when he played how he looked so alive

Then suddenly I saw the door start to crack
One man gave a signal and they began to attack
A swift bat to his head hit with such deadly force
The man swinging on his face showed no remorse

The beating was quick but felt like forever
But finally, the men had finished their endeavor
They all ran off I was left in shock
As the trumpeter lay there still as a rock

I sat in the alley where the trumpeter lie
And saw the emptiness within his bruised eye
The warm blood from his face pooled on the ground
And all I heard was a dull moaning sound

I ran to his body took his head in my hands
This was just a man who was in a band
The skin that was black was turned blue and red
The trumpeter died, my lap his deathbed (changed the ground to my lap)

I couldn't remember how long I stayed
I just tried to think of how he played
The tears from my eyes they fell on his face
Oh how I wished I could have taken his place

I sat for a while my heart had such pain
And then I felt the cool wet droplets as it began to rain
I walk home in tears wishing it was a dream
And I would wake to the smell of coffee with cream
(Shortened last line)

On that night the band lost a member
On a  cold rainy night in the middle of September
His two cute little kids lost their dad
By some blinded men who did something bad

But what would be different if this man was white
It would not fix this horrific sight
And if the four men who killed him happened to be black
They still would have killed him and would have never looked back

The man that was killed was neither white nor black
He was a man with a horn in the pack on his back
The world was torn and broken  no matter his race
Yet he played with such tones that floated through space

I was born a man with eyes that are blind
But the scene of that night was engraved in my mind
But by having closed eyes  I saw his intent
I did not use eyes, my ears held my judgment

Either way, a trumpeter was killed
And I felt the puddle of warm blood from his head that he spilled
And the tears from my eyes fell on his face
Whether he was black or white I wish I took his place

I am now a trumpeter in a similar space
But in a world that no longer cares about race
People learned my trick and there was an advancement
They just looked past my skin and saw my intent

I have two little kids and a lovely wife
And a wonderful house and a beautiful life
The trumpeter was a man with a horn in his hand
He died to give me his spot in the band

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