Monday, March 23, 2015

Difference and Distance

By Chloe Kenyon

deserts and the east coast
what's the difference?
about 3,000 miles, no
it's more like 4,000
coast to coast?
almost but not quite.
the desert is not on the coast
there's one difference
about two hours
change in time
it's 7:00 on the coast
it's 5:00 in the desert
there's two differences for you
how's the weather treating you?
oh it's in the mid 70's,
must be nice to be warm
it's cold on the coast
freezing on the coast
try the low 30's here
there's three differences for you
how about the trees?
deserts don't have trees,
deserts have cactus
deserts have shrubs
and then theres the coast
the coast has trees
pine trees,
oak trees,
growing along the waters edge
there's four differences for you
deserts and the coast have colors
the desert is brown
dry and brown
the coast is green
green with trees and the ocean
there's five differences for you
another thing, the ground
deseret ground
it's dry and cracked
coastal soil
it's wet and rocky
there's six differences for you
the surrounding space
in the desert it's miles of open
plateau to plateau
by the coast theres rocks and trees
until the coast meets the ocean
there's seven differences for you
the people
there's people in the desert
there's people on the coast
so similar
but so different at the same time.
now theres eight differences
eight differences
eight months
almost 4,000 miles
four time zones
about 18 states
and a world of missing you
that's what stands,
between the desert and the coast
between you and I

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Deity by Kate Parisi

Is he here with me now, do you suppose?
I catch glimpses of him in the most crowded of dreams.
Have you let him come home to visit?
It’s probably just my silly imagination.
Or was that his laugh I heard to my right?


It was just the whisper of breeze
dancing through the drapes.


I suppose it wasn’t his smile I saw in the crowd the other day;
the brilliant white sun dancing off his toothy grin
creating a beautiful prism of our life together.

But how could it not have been?

Is it possible that he never even left?
I had hoped that he wouldn’t,
It’s just that the world seems remarkably colder since.


Just tell me if he’s still here.
I almost know the answer,
but I need to know for sure.

Is this all for real, God,

or just my mind’s deranged cure?