Monday, January 19, 2015

Justice by Matthew Ciaramitaro

Heavy is the soul of the man with the gavel.
Heavy is the weight of the sins he’s committed.
He would himself to hell just to feel whole.
And justly so for what he’s permitted.

Rocking back and forth in cell,
A man looks to escape from hell.
Innocent he is (in most ways),
but burning he has been for days.

Oh so heavy his shackles are
And so much regret he feels.
Blackened not is his heart.
At the altar he readily kneels.

His sentence was death
For resisting arrest,
From an officer of the law
That eagerly broke his jaw.

But the humility of the other.
To endure so much in duty to his city.
Each day he feels he locked up his brother
Then he goes home, and eats away his pity.

The innocent starves, awaiting the end.
He had so much to live for and so much to defend.
He has to die for fighting back
Against a racist cop that saw he was black.

The judge regrets greatly,
Those sent to death row.
Those men that were white and wealthy,
And the officers in prison that he knows.

The man looks at the rope.
The judge smiles with hope.
He got that guilty dope,
He chuckles a bit as he watches the man choke.

Kidnapped by Matthew Ciaramitaro

My captors have been quite kind to me,
Much more than their predecessors.
The first ones found me on the streets,
Coming in a roaring earthquake, at which I was the epicenter.
Trapped in a cage I then looked for escape.
I tried to squeeze through the bars to no avail.
They returned seeming strangely elate,
And punctured me with a glaring needle.
After some time I observed my surroundings.
Hidden in the room were hundreds of others,
Imprisoned with no real grounding.
They must keep our screams muffled.
They opened our cells to give us food scraps,
When they came to me I refused to be trapped.

My escape was easily foiled, but patient I must be.
There is always a route, and always a way,
To regain one’s liberty.
Nothing can keep me from being free.

They moved me one day, so I cut them with my nails.
This new room was filled with what i can only describe as slave buyers.
If I went with them it would be much harder to fail
In my quest for freedom, so my hopes were raised higher.
“Notice me, buy me, I’m the most valuable asset here.”
I showed my strengths and attracted a single slaver.
My heart beat fast, my moment was near.
“Soon I will escape and I’ll finally be safer.”
The slaver tossed me in a coffin, and drove me to his home.
He began calling me some name in his strange language.
Yet, he fed me well and allowed me to roam
And to the streets I lost my languish.
If I escape they will come for me again,
I won’t be so lucky, and I’ll die in a cage.

Now I’m in a prison, but can leave any time.
I pretend to love my masters, and they leave me alone.
My work is quite easy, I must simply chime
A song, or entertain them with everything I know.
Why should I leave, it’s safer at present.
I can’t leave, it might be worse outside.
My age as I count it is seven,
As the day I was taken, was the day I died.
My identity is young, but my body old.
As I’ve grown frailer my captors have barely grown.
I can no longer overpower them, despite what I’ve told.
My life is wasted simply sitting in their home.
Death. The truest freedom I could ever have.
It ends their happiness. Revenge through loss of love.

Monday, January 5, 2015

A Poem by Cindy Velasquez

Dark and gloomy, foggy and wet,
No rise of sunshine, til the next day…
No laughing children, no happy people, no Smiling faces,
Til the next day…..
Dark and cold, wet and damp.
Am I sleeping ?
Why can’t I move? Why can’t I see anything!?
Isn’t there anybody to help me?!..........
How do you feel? Do you feel sick ? Are you tired ?
Are you angry or are you sad ?
Do you want to be alone or do you want me to stay ?
Do you feel hurt inside ?
Do you want to talk about it ?
Or do you want to stay quiet, forever ?
Who are you?!
Who am I?
In the night, lay the princess,
Having a peaceful dream,
Sleeping in her chamber, til the next day.