Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Poem by Christina Sargent


We grew up like sisters,
Separated at birth,
But she was a fairy,
Some sprite with an air of mischievous elegance.
Her laughter sounded like sunshine.
Mine resembled uncut grass.

She would attempt to mentor me,
In a way.
Being two months older
Gave her a thousand more hours of wisdom,
As I saw it.
She taught me funny jokes.
She did my hair,
And showed me how to be cool,
Although we were never quite
In the same league
When it came to that sort of thing.

As we grew older,
Her kindness and interest
In my uneventful life
Surprised me.
She told me stories of her days
Spent at home, in the clouds,
With her angelic companions,
Who were as graceful and well-liked as she.
And I realized that if she had not been a part of my life
Since the day I was born,
Friends predestined by the bonds of blood,
This nymph would not have descended
From her woven throne
To spend time with me.

So for a while when I spoke with her
I was cautious, calculated,
Afraid of startling this creature
And sending her fluttering back
To that secret meadow from which she came.
But slowly, as the grass grows,
I have come to understand
That she will always return to this world
With the same pleasant curiosity
As when she left it last.

We have responsibilities now,
Hers divine and mine demure,
But necessary.
So it has become more difficult,
As the years progress,
To meet as we used to,
On Saturday afternoons
Where the shifting sky
Brushes the steady hills,
And the willows dip gently
Into the chattering brook.

When our paths do cross,
She greets me with the same charm,
As though she were frozen in time,
And my presence is what brings her back to life.
Nothing can change between us in the interim.
I am the same girl,
And she is the same goddess now
That we were eighteen years ago.

I haven’t seen her face in ages,
Though I sometimes hear that melodic voice
Caught in the wind.
It still feels like a warm summer breeze.

If you see her,
Please tell her I miss her.
I will not tread lightly
For fear of crushing her wings anymore.
I know now that she is strong.
We are strong.
If she still wants to share
Those enchanted stories,
I can be found in the garden

Awaiting her arrival.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Painting by Sydney Iwohn

A Poem by Alex MacDonald

College Poem

While talking about college
We should really acknowledge
What certain schools represent

The Gators, Rams, Cowboys, and Cyclones
Have certain statistics that should be well known
Listen carefully because my facts are well shown

We’ll start with the University of Florida
It’s not all just classrooms and corridors
Some say the tuition is horrible

21,000 a year
Might sound sincere
But it’s not that great because that’s just in-state

Out of state is forty-three thousand
With 50,000 students enrolled, that might seemed crowded
But that’s not the money that is really counted
And Gainesville is the city where the school was founded

The endowment of UF is 1.359 bil
To some that number will give them chills
Some are in college just for the thrills
But in the end they will be stuck paying off bills

But some are in college with shoes to fulfill
Learn skills, and reach the top of the hill
Get a job and make a mil

UF is just your average large public university that a lot of kids attend
Not caring about the money that they’ll spend
Going to the school is really a trend
But we should really ascend to the west end

In Oklahoma
To get into here you’ll need more than a diploma
Stats like these will put you in a coma

Mr. Oklahoma State President
Is probably living rather pleasant

He makes about four hundred and thirty thou a year
And Pistol Pete is the mascot firing shots in the air

The school is about half women, and half men
And their basketball team just barely made the top ten

This school and Florida are rather comparable
Both their endowments are terrible yet tolerable
But a school like Iowa St. is more bearable

It’s endowment and tuition are lower which is a big difference
It’s because of its position

The schools location will drive you insane
Located in Ames
Such a boring place
This school disgraced and misplaced because it is landlocked
It will never be overstocked
Because it is locked in the middle of the country

Most of their students are in state
But you’ll see that is the usual case

Most students chose a state school
So they don’t have to throw all their money in the pool

Iowa St. is definitely a good choice
The only reason it has low attendance is because of it’s location and low voice

Last but not least is VCU
Located in a city that’s huge!
Richmond, Virginia with a population of more than two-hundred thou
With such a large endowment it will make you say wow

And just as the others go, there are less men than women
And the main ethnicities are white, black and Asian.

This schools attendance is a lot higher because of its alignment
That is the main influence on all the schools in my assignment

The bigger the city, the larger the school
And the lower the cost if it is a state school

So by majority rule
That is how these colleges speak for college in general
So if you get the chance
copy this all down with a pencil
Because it is sentimental and could be essential to help you get you credentials to succeed

That is all