Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week

"He wanted her to sense the boundless possibilities offered by books. They would always be enough. They would never stop living their readers. They were a fixed point in an otherwise unpredictable world. In life. In love. After death."
- Nina George

Winded by Julia Wood



Things seem temporary
 They are not

Your world isn’t caving in
 Even though your chest says otherwise

The attacks are the worst
 But you know how to deal with them

You are strong and you will succeed

 Best of luck to the strongest fighter.

Boots by Marisa Enes

Annisquam Part I by Julia Johnson

Artwork by Caroline Enos

Game Time by Haille Glaser

Game Time

The whistle blows and my heart pounds
Game faces on
The coaches yell on the sidelines
This is the time to give it your all

A fear of failure falls over me
But there is no room for failure
It’s now or never
The fate of the game is in your hands now

Losing is not an option
This is what we've worked so hard for
Hours of practice
And hours of thought

Patiently waiting on the sidelines
Waiting for my time
Waiting for my time when the game

Is the only thing on my mind