Friday, January 25, 2013

A Poem About The People Who Rats by Elizabeth Stephens

There are those of us who like rats.
The people who spend their nights braiding ropes to hang in their cages out of forgotten rags so rats can climb them,
The people who aren't afraid of their tails, because to them they feel like velvet.
The people who give them names like "Smooches" or "Euripides" or "Jethro" or "Diamond",
The people who let them crawl through their hair, laughing as they leave turds of excitement hidden there,
The people who pick flowers and leave them by the cage's side.
The people who pose with them in pictures.
The people who sneak them into college dorms,
The people who make treats out of peanut butter and dried peas.
The people who know the difference between cedar and pellet bedding.
The people who think rats are adorable.
The people who will never be a majority.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Four Haikus: Cape Ann Films and My Reactions by Pauline Cruz

Captains Courageous
In 1937
Strength of fishermen

2009 shows
Bearskin Neck seen in the film
Just superficial

I am resolved
To prove that my home is more
Than just a setting

I peer through the lens
What do they see in my home?
I see uniqueness