Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Quote of the Week


Quote of the Week

"Happiness is . . .
not having 
to set the
alarm for
the next day"

Happy Holidays Everyone!! :) 

Confinement by Julia Johnson


     Socks. Socks were the problem. At least they were my problem. I’m not sure what it was about them, but I didn’t like them. They made my feet feel claustrophobic, it’s like some people are scared about being confined in a small space, but for me, it’s just my feet that don’t like this imprisonment.
     The sun was beginning to set when I got the call. I had an interview for the Penguin Books publishing firm in New York City. At first I wasn’t sure if it was real, I mean these types of opportunities don’t just happen everyday. Then, it started to sink in. I was getting the chance to really work in the writing business. Thankfully I was sitting in the chair because if I hadn’t been, I definitely would’ve fainted. 
     I immediately started calling people. Every single person on my contacts list in my phone was dialed. I could barely get the words out to anyone. I was so excited. They all most likely just heard me gasping, taking sharp breaths, and trying to decipher any of the words that were spitting out of my mouth. Some of them hung up, because they thought it was a prank call, but I didn’t care. I was just happy. Genuinely happy.
     My best friend was the last person I called since I knew I would actually talk to him for more than a few minutes. “Guess what! Guess what! Guess what!” I yelled into the phone.
     “You got the interview!” he shouted back.
     “Yes! How did you know?!”
     “Because I know you. Of course they were interested!”
      We talked about the news for a bit. Then I realized, I had to figure out what I was going to wear. I quickly hung up the phone and began hyperventilating. The interview was in less than twenty-four hours, and I had nothing planned. Suddenly the excitement died down, and the panic moved in. I was running circles around my apartment, looking for something spectacular. Everything in my closet was scattered across the floor. It looked like a rainbow threw up and landed in Manhattan. Shoes were flinging themselves across the room. My dog hid under the table, barking at a pair of black pumps. 
     Nothing was right. 
     And then I tripped on a sock. 
     A sock.
     I didn’t realize I had any left. I tried to avoid them at all costs. They were unnecessary pieces of clothing. But I guess I had to wear them. It was the middle of winter, and I couldn’t keep wearing only flats and heels. Socks were so restrictive that my feet couldn’t breath, and they weren’t even fashionable. 
     I took a deep breath. 
     The next day, for my interview, I wore socks.

     I got the job. 

Boats by Haille Glaser

Why are we waiting by Julia Wood

Why are we waiting

“You have cancer”

She went and she lived out her days until the end

Breathing, experiencing, actually living

More than any businessman could ever imagine to

So, who’s really dying here?

Why do we wait until death is inevitable

To actually live?

Isn’t that how it is all along?

Sunset by Emily Kenyon

Drawing by Caroline Enos

Flight by Julia Johnson

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Peace Fingers by Marisa Enes

The GHS Plague by Haille Glaser

The GHS Plague
                                                   My head turns hot
                                                                My temperature spikes
                I think i’m getting sick, yikes
                                                                                  My body aches and screams for help
                                                                                                   I feel worse than I have ever felt
Unable to think
              Unable to focus
                                                          My brain is a scramble
                                                                   I stare blankly as my teachers ramble
                           I want to go home
Rather than aimlessly roam
                                                                                   Please mom, dismiss me
                                                                                                None of my classes will miss me
                                              Home at last
                                                     I flop on my bed
                                                                  I lay a cold cloth on top of my head
Sleep for hours
         Maybe even days
                       When I raise
                    My brain is no longer a maze
                                                   Feeling better, feeling good
                                                    Feeling as I wished I would
                                                   Back to school, back to class
                                                            I can think again

Photo by Haille Glaser

Coffee by Julia Johnson

Endless by Julia Wood


we love and love and love
giving each other bits and pieces
quarters, halves

every star in the sky wouldn’t be enough
every drop of rain in a thunderstorm
every snort and giggle when i’m with you

i want you to know how much i care

security, comfortability, peace
love and love and love

compliments, adjectives, words
i can’t break them down enough
i’m at a loss
i wish i knew the right words

give you anything, everything
all that i have

if i could, i would spend
every day, every hour, every minute
in the company of you

it’s never enough time
forever wouldn’t be long enough

to love and be loved
by you.

Quote of the Week


Quote of the Week

"May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears."- Nelson Mandela