Monday, July 30, 2012

Eight in My First Theatrical Viewing by Pauline Cruz

Excitedly, I enter the theater, querkened by the odors of popcorn and other confections.

Eagerly, I patiently wait for the film to begin, quivering in pure anticipation.

Eventually, the film begins; the quaint, aquatic pictures captivate me with colors.

Enraptured, I watch the quizzical, beautiful film of Finding Nemo intently.

Estranged from reality, I became immersed with the film’s quality.

Extravagant, the film drew me into a quixotic stupor.

Extremely hilarious, I laughed, quaking with utter amusement.

Extraordinary plot, I remained quiet, listening intently.

Enchanted, all my qualms were forgotten.

Executive director from Cape Ann

Extra fact quite pleasing

Extensive quarter connection

Ever quotable


Monday, July 16, 2012

A Poem Series by Madeline MacDougal


I denied


self (strangely enough they were your words)
So sensible, so prudent, so witty
But I only ever was

Piling your awkwardly pitched, pitching syllables was never more difficult,
For the sudden, soft, swiftly spoken syntactically perfect words that were at once
Common plus insignificant--and they were magnificent to hear and so carefully created
But perpetrators of deception that snuck past my shock, circumvented my horror
And I-could-have-stated(But I spoke) only slightly less forward and this made my
Answer a soothing thick envelope (manila and glue) with inside it--
my venom
by accident

The best way to sleep
Is turn around every time
You know what you see

Every time I seem to be what I could,
I realize, that's what would make it possible
(What it is I'm not sure, but I think of it all of the time)
Never mind what I say--I can speak only nonsense