Saturday, November 17, 2012

Me, by Nicole Bauke

I am Nicole,
        the most beautiful witch in the universe.
i see something beautiful around me always;
        The sunrise and
         the glistening sea.
i hear the night's whispers
        when all is quiet.
i want to escape
        Into my world
                and forget everything for a while.
I am flying
        far into the night sky
                and no one can stop me
                         as I look upon the world.
                                 My world.

I pretend i am me,
        before thoughts and definition.
i understand when i watch
        not when i speak
I wonder.

i reach for the world, the sky,
         Your hands.

i worry that i will do wrong,
        and disappoint the people counting on me
i cry
       in the night
              when no one is around
                       to hear me.
I am only human
        like everyone else.

i say nothing
        as i watch the world run by me.
i dream of times far from now,
        i dream of the unreasonable
        i dream of the irrational.
i try. i try to try.
       My efforts soar alongside me
i hope
i can
                                                    I am who I make myself to be.