Monday, December 13, 2010

Fisher Girl by Elizabeth MacDougal

Fisher Girl, to Herself

Ever continual's the sucking sway,
Rude serf indifferent,
To which it is the human wont to go.
Do not be led astray.

Come, two persons, many days, to know
How like two minds can be
How in concern, and humour, care and way,
In wiles. When like they go,
Hope's cell, the memory's tenement

Will make of nature signs, and see
With artifice, a glowing globe from dirt,
(Words, from the earthen lineaments)
Which overlooked is not itself, but stays
Infected by persistent memory
Who will not recognize, will not concede
That she is not creator, no,
Nor can in cadent crests restore
Old company.
The current waves care not for your lament.

Fisher Girl, II
Brother of bones
No good, but

Would he but out,
Quit the house
Stop with his company
Hungry mouth.

Comes home
Tongue sputters,

Fisher Girl, III
They rust white on weary shores
The organic caskets
With their leather strappings tattered
None wonders but once where they're off

Fisher Girl, IV
It is not good
To live near a drawing mouth.
We harvest from its excess.
It harvests of us.

Fisher, V
As a rock, I would climb out of my ocean socket, if I had one, and leave it to the clams.
Off to Nevada.
Rather than be ground away.

Fisher, VI
how discrete
a pink
drowning anemone