Thursday, October 8, 2009

Two Poems by Terri Moody: The Power of a Child & The Wanderlust of Life

The Power of a Child

Sidewalk chalk, Salamanders and Swings,
These are children's things,
Our childhood is pure, white as snow,
Things change as we grow.
Scraping of knees is no longer the definition of pain.
Innocence leaves us just to spite.
I guess it is better this way,
Our knowledge expanding day by day.
Promise me though you will not lose faith,
In the fantastical creatures who used to be our mates
The Fairies who take flight
The Apples that will Poison with a bite
The Mermaids,
The Houses made from Sweets,
The Animals who could speak,
The many people who You could be in an Hour.
Belief will be Your power.


The Wanderlust of Life

Is it just because This is something new?
Or is It something more?
It is scaring me, is It scary to You?
We are landing on an unfamiliar shore,
Our spirits bursting, on Our face a smile,
Their voices full of welcome, and cheer,
But will This all be worth Our while?
Once we venture out, there is no coming back Here,
Promise me now, that This is love!
Or tell me that It is lust,
Or, confirm my fears, is it only part of growing up?
Nothing now is certain, Except This peregrination is upon us.

"The worth of cubical probability" by Eric Brown

The worth of cubical probability
The rotation of flat proportions
The numerical extremes of possibility
In other words, chance

That internal emotion of excitement
The slim opportunity of fortune and fame
If things go your way, in good fortune
You could end up lucky

Luck is a distraction
A word for human's incomprehension
The feeling that the stars will align
To have everything go your way

Does it help, probably not.
I guess it's just hope
For movements to preference you
And not someone else

"I seem to be like something new" by Amy Carpenter

I seem to be like something new,
And I don't know what you go through,
As you try to tie your shoe,
But really, I was once like you,
I once, like you, was four
And I can see right through your eyes,
And how you suck at telling lies,
Your gap-tooth grin is your demise,
When you can't pretend anymore.

And I remember how I look,
To those who still can't read a book,
In awe of those whom time has took,
And how my life was severely shook,
'Cause it's not how it's portrayed.
You can't wait to be like me,
Though the future is too far to see,
You think someone like me is free,
But we all have been betrayed.

So go and look for Neverland,
And build your castles in the sand,
Come and take me by the hand,
And I'll try to make you understand
How we're not much different, You and I,
I still long for other days,
To change myself in different ways,
The world is still a maze,
No matter how hard I try.