Monday, December 17, 2012

Dise Road by Wesley Dunn

Dise Road
By: Wesley Dunn

When the sun goes down
In wintertime
And the soft sunset has vanished

Darkness doesn't fall right away
Light lingers
Silver and light blue

In a frigid mist, the dirt road glows
the crescent moon is sheltered
in a softly shining ring


the crippled stalks in the battered-down corn fields
punctuated by softly crackling power lines

the slowly turning turbines
with the little blinking red lights

the hood of the truck that comes flying by
scattering a wake of loose dirt and gravel

the steam of exhalation
from the runner as he heads back home

everything shines.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Determination by Pauline Cruz


I am determined to prove them so wrong
My home is not just some mundane, bland place
It is more, so much more, than what they face
We are not part of the average throng
I will not make this extremely long
But I won’t let them make it commonplace
Home is grander than any seacoast space
Lest we all forget what makes Cape Ann strong

Determination drives me to my goal
I must help conserve my home’s uniqueness
With fiery resolve, I film Cape Ann
Every green island, beach, and sun-baked shoal
I quite solemnly refuse to digress
From showing the world what makes my home stand