Wednesday, April 25, 2018

By: B. Callahan

By: Gianna Cabral

Despite the torn masterpieces somewhere along the road we became,
I bet an artist took their magical brush and painted us under the same sky for a reason
I know you can’t dance with the burning red embers of love without a flame,
Even if the colors from the fire change every damn season.

Just paint the dying tone of gray I’m smothered in with the beautiful shade of you
Because in order to be classified as an artist, you don’t necessarily need a degree
Even if my mood is always the same, dull Prussian blue,
It can easily be swirled with the cheery shade of yellow to become the red we are destined to be.

Although we might be two very different shades on the color wheel,
It only takes two to plaster your soft lips against mine
When we come together maybe we can finally heal,
Because there is a solution to every complimentary color, it will just take time.

Even though my love for you is like one big, exploding firework,

We come together in harmony to create the same beautifully damaged piece of artwork.

By: Monique Palmisano

"Don't let the bad things in your life flourish." -M. Godwin

By: M. Godwin
Lift your hand and
I’ll lift mine.
Blink and I
Will too.
Shake your head from side to side, and I will soon
Every movement you could do,
I will reflect.
But never turn your back to me,
Or you’ll be the one to

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